Statement lamps: creating the wow factor with designer lighting

Want something that really dazzles when you walk in the room? Here's our updated guide to statement lamps...

Often when choosing a designer lamp you’ll be looking for something that matches your room’s décor and style – perhaps an antique glass table lamp in a shabby chic interior, or something in ironwork or brass in an industrial-style kitchen. The idea is to get something that complements the colours and furniture you already have – not necessarily ‘blending in’ with it, but not sticking out too much, either. But then sometimes you want something that really does stick out. A centrepiece that dominates the room and grabs the eye as soon as you enter. One that starts the conversation. In other words, a statement lamp. Here’s a buyer’s guide to lighting with the ‘wow’ factor…

Going large


Connie pendant light - shop here

Yes, sometimes size does matter. Consider the Connie, a whacking great glass and brass pendant light with a base diameter of 39cm and height of 40cm. Hang it in the hallway or over the dining table and it will literally dazzle your guests. It might not look remotely like anything else in your home, but then, that’s the point of statement lamps: it’s a centrepiece. sorano 2 Sorano floor lamp - Unfortunately the Sorano is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of floor lamps here

The same goes for floor lamps. If you’ve got a large room with a high ceiling, a floor lamp needs to be suitably huge to make an impact. The Sorano is a big beast – 146cm of hand-carved wood, direct from our workshop just outside Delhi. It’s not unduly showy, but it is ornate, and designed to dominate. Albert floor lamp - shop here.

We do have an even taller floor lamp called Albert, an elegant art deco brass pillar that stands at a mammoth 150cm. And the Albert also has an equally statement-ish table lamp cousin (above), the larger version of which is 60cm tall and would be stunning on the centre of a side-table.

Going bold

Lucas Table Lamp

Lucas resin table lamp

As well as size, of course, you can make a statement with colour. The Lucas is a striking resin table lamp in red and orange. Pair with a bold block colour shade for maximum impact in a neutral design scheme. luxor regular Regular-sized Luxor pendant with a long filament LED bulb - shop here

But you don’t necessarily have to have strong colours to be bold. An incredibly simple design like the Luxor pendant light will stand out in a room because it’s so confident – and making a statement is all about showing supreme confidence in your own taste. Alternatively, you can make a statement just by buying something that either looks staggeringly cool (and expensive), or that’s just unlike anything any of your friends have got. Take the Galore floor light, a mid-century modern classic that brings instant style to any room:

Galore Floor lamp

Galore floor light in brass with a black shade - shop here

…or, in total contrast, the Bobboli – our tallest resin table lamp with a shape that’s so strident and bold that even in a deep blue colour it will dominate a space: Pooky Bobboli Console Table Lamp in Blue £100, Empire Shade in Yellow Silk Ikat £72 Bobboli in blue - Unfortunately the Bobboli is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of table lamps here

Going crazy

Larger Artur in Citrus
 Larger Artur lamp in citrus

Finally, you can make a statement by choosing something that’s just shamelessly flamboyant, like the artichoke-shaped ceramic beauty that is the Artur table lamp. Nobody is going to fail to notice that if it’s sitting by your sofa! Or why not just go the whole hog and get yourself a 1970s-style glass chandelier that will blow the minds of all who survey it? This is the Starsky:

Starksy chandelier - shop here

Statement shades

Kingfisher design ikat empire shade - Unfortunately the Kingfisher design ikat shades are no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of lampshades here

Of course, you can always turn a fairly modest light into a statement lamp by deploying a massive, decorative shade. Our Ikat silk lampshades are guaranteed sensations – have a read all about those here.

Find the perfect light to match – or gloriously clash with – your interior style by browsing all of our table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lights and more here.