Interiors inspiration: Six New Year lighting resolutions for 2024

This new year, how about making some resolutions that will actually be fun to keep - like making your home even more beautiful than it was last year? Here are some Pooky lighting pledges to inspire your interior design efforts as we enter 2024...


1) Find your style – and trust it

We all love reading about what’s hot and what’s not and all the big trends for the next year.... Great fun - but in the end the only thing that matters is finding what you like and trusting your style. Whether you lean towards clean, classic Japandi interior decor, flamboyant traditional romanticism or 1970s retro revival style, or a glorious, uncategorizable mish-mash of everything, the best resolution is to be true to what makes you feel happy in your home.

Talking of which, check out our post about how lights can make you happy.

70s retroLike the 1970s retro look? Go for it! (featuring Pooky's Ascot chandelier)


2) Learn about layering light

If you read just one article about lighting and interior design this new year, make it our Home lighting design: a guide to layering light. ‘Layering’ in interior design is the business of putting together different textures, colours, fabrics and materials to create interesting, individual rooms; and layering light is similar– it’s about combining different kinds of light to create a particular atmosphere. 

Understanding the three main types of light - ambient, accent and task – and how to play around with them to create different moods and modes is the key to good home lighting and a bedrock of interior design. It’s also rather fun…


An instant showstopping focal point: the Galactica chandelier


3) Create stunning focal points around your home

A focal point is the first thing that catches your eye when you walk into a room, framing the space and helping to create balance, contrast and context. And with well-chosen lighting, you can create an attention-grabbing centrepiece in each room, guiding the viewer from point to point as they move through your home. You can do it by highlighting particular features – for example, by using a pair of wall lights on either side of a chimney breast. Or you can use statement lights to make focal points themselves, such as a dazzling chandelier in the entrance hall.

For more inspiration here are six showstopping ideas for lights as focal points.


4) Illuminate your artworks

What’s the point in investing in stunning paintings or prints and then not showing them in their full glory? LED technology means that stylish picture lights are easy to run and install - and what a difference they make to a room! Pooky's LED picture lights render colours brilliantly and will make your artworks sing.

blakeDimmable Blake picture light in bronze


5) Discover new, sustainable materials

At Pooky we’ve always had an eye for an unusual material but recently we’ve been experimenting with some lovely, eco-friendly things. Turns out that seagrass and rattan both make for lovely, striking lampshades - and so does the ilala palm (see our fabulous collection made with the Zimbabwean artisans of Collaborative Craft Projects)… Why not give one a try?

ccpThe Pooky x Collaborative Craft Projects lampshade collection 


6) Break the rules!

As a change from breaking your new year resolutions, why not resolve to break some rules? Specifically, the traditional conventions of interior design - things like matching colours in a room, or avoiding dark tones in small spaces. We all know that rules are made to be broken – the trick is to break them in the right way. Read how to do it in our guide Five interior design conventions – and how to break them.


Happy new year from all at Pooky, and here’s to an interior-tastic 2024! Browse all our lights, shades and more here.