How to clean metal pendant lights

Keep your metal pendant lights looking shiny and beautiful all year round, with our complete guide...

Metal pendant lights and chandeliers are a splendid and hugely versatile way of lighting a room, adding elegance and shine and making a real style statement. Whatever your chosen style, giving your metal pendant lights a regular clean will help to keep them working efficiently and looking as bright, shiny and gorgeous as ever. Here are our expert tips on how to clean your metal pendant lights…

How often should you clean metal pendant lights?

To keep on top of general dust and dirt, and help prevent tarnishing, metal pendant lights should be given a light maintenance clean every 1-2 weeks. To remove more stubborn dirt and grime and help them stay in top condition, give your metal pendant lights a deeper clean once or twice a year.

What should you use to clean metal pendant lights?

Metal pendant lights are generally very robust and easy to maintain, but they can easily be damaged and tarnished by abrasive cleaning chemicals. Our metal light fittings are protected with a coat of clear lacquer to protect the finish, and harsh chemicals can remove the lacquer and damage the finish. We advise that you avoid using chemical cleaners when cleaning your metal pendant lights. For a light maintenance clean, you can use either an extendable feather duster or a clean, dry lint-free cloth. Meanwhile, for a deeper clean, or for more stubborn spots, you can use a cloth that has been lightly dampened in some warm water – for painted or antiqued finishes, stick to using a dry cloth. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions. Tip: Pop on a pair of white cotton gloves before you start, to avoid leaving any unwanted fingerprints.

Stanlette pendant shade in gunmetal with copper interior

Cleaning metal pendant lights – a note on safety

Before you begin, always follow these important safety steps:
  • make sure the light source is turned off
  • allow the bulbs to cool fully
  • place your chair or stepladder on a flat, stable surface
It’s also best to avoid spraying any kind of water or cleaner directly onto the fitting, as this runs the risk of entering the electrics (which could spell bad news for both you and the light fitting!)

Perforated mundo in brass

Giving metal pendants a ‘light clean’

A regular maintenance clean will remove surface dust and dirt from your metal pendant lights, and will help to stop dirt from settling in layers and solidifying. For a light clean, the pendant can normally remain in place. Using an extendable feather duster, or a clean, dry microfibre cloth, gently wipe over all the surfaces of your metal pendant light, taking care to include any cables and fixings. Don't forget to give the bulbs a dust too! This will make sure your light remains as bright and efficient as possible. For more stubborn stains, you can wipe down the pendant light carefully with a damp (not wet) cloth, depending on the finish. Tip: To remove any grease that might have built up on fittings near an oven – without removing the protective lacquer – use warm water with just a little bit of washing up liquid added.

Giving metal pendant lights a deeper clean

While a regular dusting will help to keep general dust and dirt at bay, over time grime and residues can build up – especially in high-use areas such as the kitchen – and oxidisation can occur. At this point, it's time to give your metal pendant lights a more in-depth clean:
  • First, remove the bulbs and place them on a stable, lined surface
  • Carefully remove the pendant – if necessary, take a photo to help you later with reassembling
  • Dampen a lint-free cloth in some warm water
  • Gently wipe over all surfaces of the pendant, taking care to get into all those nooks and crannies
  • Buff the pendant with a dry, lint-free cloth
  • Wipe down the fittings and cables
  • Give the bulbs a wipe – if using a damp cloth, avoid the metal base
  • Allow everything to dry fully
  • Carefully replace the pendant
  • Reinsert the bulbs – replacing any that are damaged or discoloured
Finally, step back and enjoy your magnificent metal pendant light!

With a little bit of regular care, your metal pendants will stay clean and sparkling for years to come. Browse Pooky's range of metal pendant lights here. See also: How to clean glass pendant lights How to clean brass pendant lights