Bathroom lighting - ideas and inspiration from the interior design experts


Bathroom lighting needs to be practical – but there’s no reason why it can’t also be sublimely beautiful – as these five interior design experts show…

When it comes to lighting a bathroom, you’ll want plenty of good practical task lighting (so you can see where you’re putting your toothbrush and so on). But the bathroom is also a place to unwind and relax, and some lovely, warm ambient lighting is just perfect for an indulgent soak in the tub. 

Here’s how some very talented UK interior designers and renovators have cleverly used Pooky bathroom lighting to bring style and brilliance to this most important of rooms…   

1) Create a heavenly haven with brass and glass

kerry lockwood melville bathroomPhoto: @kerrylockwood

Glass and brass light fittings are a great choice for a bathroom. Classy and elegant to look at, they also reflect and diffuse the light beautifully for a warm, relaxing vibe. Interiors expert Kerry Lockwood has transformed this bathroom, adding a tiled floor and gorgeous rolltop bath a flanked by a pair of our  tall Melville wall sconces in mercurised glass, which provide balance and symmetry and diffuse a lovely wash of warm, ambient light up and down the wall.

2) Style up a small or awkward space with an eye-catching wall light  

anna haines bathroomAnna Haines Design. Photo by Andrew Steel

A stylish wall light offers a great alternative to an overhead light in a smaller bathroom, drawing the eye upwards and emphasising the vertical space, without encroaching on headroom.

In this brilliantly inventive bathroom, interior designer Anna Haines has truly made the most of the smallest and perhaps most awkward room in the house, which features our gorgeous Stanley shade in vibrant green, which looks just fabulous set against the beautiful floral wallpaper.

Read our exclusive Q&A with Anna here.

3) Pair matching wall lights either side of a bathroom mirror

our surrey nest roddyPhoto: @houseninedesign

Overhead lighting is great for providing general ambient light, but used on its own in a bathroom it can create unwelcome glare and shadows. A pair of matching wall lights placed either side of a bathroom mirror will provide a more balanced (and flattering) glow of light.

Above and below are two fabulous examples we spotted on Instagram of bathrooms featuring pairs of our Roddy wall lights flanking some very fine mirrors. With their stylish glass rods and distinctive art deco feel, they set an Art Deco-ish tone for the whole space.

villa bartolini roddyPhoto: @villabartolini


4) Use bathroom lighting to introduce a pop of colour 

Photo: @manwithahammer

Lighting is a great way of introducing a pop of colour into the bathroom, as shown in this beautiful set-up from home renovator extraordinaire Greg Penn, aka @manwithahammer. Greg has expertly paired our elegant double chukka wall fitting in antiqued brass with a duo of colourful fabric lampshades which perfectly match the bathtub and accentuate the colour theme in this gorgeous bathroom. 

Find out more about Greg’s epic renovation adventures in our Q&A.


5) Make a bold bathroom statement with contrasting pattern 

barlow bathroomPhoto: @barlowandbarlow.

Finally, here’s a real statement bathroom design, courtesy of top interior designer Lucy Barlow. Everything about this space shouts character, from the distinctive scalloped bowl to a pair of our striking Heraldic printed ikat lampshades, which make their own bold statement set against the fabulous wallpaper.

Pooky make beautiful designer lighting for beautiful interiors. Browse our full collection of bathroom lighting here.


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