all about: Marble table lamps

It’s grand, it’s gorgeous, and if it’s good enough for the Venus de Milo then it’s good enough for our designer table lamps. Yes, we’re talking marble. So step this way into our hall of marble table lamps, and prepare your eyes for a feast…

You’ve made it in Hollywood and bought the mansion in Beverley Hills. So what’s the quickest way to get some imposing grandeur into your home? The answer, of course, is to fill your hallway with a row of whacking great marble columns.

The Marble Hall, Kedlestone Hall - Image credit

The Marble Hall, Kedlestone Hall - Image credit

But if that seems rather OTT for your humble abode, how about the next best thing… a lovely marble table lamp? It’ll have all the timeless beauty and some of the sheer weight of a column, but without the pretentiousness (or the price tag). Here are a few examples for your delectation...

The Herbert - a classical column

The Herbert is a perfect, understated bijou column for the discerning classicist (we say ‘bijou’, but at 30cm high it’s a pretty substantial table lamp). We do it in a black, which looks quite splendid with an empire shade in deep, rich ruby dupion silk…

herbert in black

Herbert in black - Unfortunately the Herbert range is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of marble table lamps hereherbert in sea green

The Samson – for something spectacular

samson white

Samson in white - Unfortunately the Samson range is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of marble table lamps here

It’s a square column and six inches taller than the Herbert, so if you want something that’s really going to dominate a table – perhaps in a hallway – then the Samson is the marble table lamp for you. It also comes in black:

samson in black

The Crescent – for a sculptural conversation-piece

Crescent marble table lamp - Unfortunately the Crescent range is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of marble table lamps here

The Crescent uses inverted crescents of black marble set in a brass base: a really classy combination of materials which together make something unusual and, we think, very smart.

The Black Monday – less is more

Black Monday table lamp - shop here

Minimalist, sleek, chic and achingly cool. The Black Monday proves that less can sometimes be so much more. Simple lines, an elegant brass column in an understated marble base and beautifully finished. We even made a matching floor lamp.

The Sphynx - Art Deco beauty

Sphynx marble table lamp - shop here

Finally, the Sphynx - which we think is Art Deco style at its finest. It's an inverted tapered white marble column, top and tailed with polished brass. Gorgeous.

So that’s our collection of marble table lamps. All Pooky marble table lamps are finished with antique brass fittings and twisted silk flex. Browse the full range of marble table lamps here. Not sure if marble is the right material for you? Take a look at our guide to buying a designer table lamp here.

 Who needs the Venus de Milo when you can have a marble table lamp?