Velvet lampshades – and 5 more ways to bring some velvety decadence into your home


Our new velvet lampshades are going down a storm, so here are some more tips for bringing the luxurious fabric into your décor…

In the world of interiors, velvet is very much IN at the moment. And why not? It’s a glorious indulgence – luxuriant to the touch and lustrous to the eye. Velvet colours are rich and vaguely decadent when they’re dark, and wonderfully vivid when they’re bright and bold. Everyone loves it, but the trick is to introduce it sensitively, so that your home doesn’t end up being the interiors equivalent of Austin Powers in his blue suit. So to that end, here are some ways you can bring some velvety texture into your life while staying seriously stylish…

Velvet lampshades

It just so happens that at Pooky we’ve brought in a deliciously smooth new range of velvet lampshades, in two shapes and four colours. These are our Tall Tapered velvet shades, available in a range of sizes to suit your table or floor lamps.

We think they would look seriously smart in pairs of table lamps, either matching or mismatching in the different colours, which are (clockwise from top left:) Beryl, Emerald, Thunder and Teal. There’s also the Straight Empire velvet shade, available in the same colours and various sizes. We love how Jenny of Seasons in Colour used the Beryl one with a Lucas resin table lamp in her gorgeous bedroom scheme.

Image: Seasons in Colour

And another Pooky friend, Angela Bunt, has used a pair of the Teal velvet shades to splendid effect here. If you want to totally velvet up your lighting, how about a 20cm tapered shade with the Cagney wall light?

Cagney wall light fitting with teal velvet shade

It’s worth noting that velvet lampshades are less translucent than shades with lighter materials, so the light is mainly directed up and down. But in terms of visual appeal, colour and texture the effect is glorious.

Five more ways to go velvety…

1. Sofas and armchairs

Bluebell sofa in dusky pink velvet by Image credit. do a very wide selection of their sofas in velvet, and armchairs too. Or if you want something a little smaller, how about a velvet-covered Ottoman or pouffe?

2. Cushions

Sea blue velvet cushion by Amara. Image credit.

Go maximum velvet on your sofas and mix and match colours, or bring some velvet to complement another fabric – there are plenty of fabulous velvet cushions out there at the moment. Amara have a wide choice including top designer names, though their own A by Amara cushions at £50 are great. If you’re on more of a budget these forest green cushions from Rockett St George might do the trick.

3. Curtains

Is there anything more suggestive of luxurious decadence than a full-length velvet curtain? Nothing mentionable on here, anyway. But it needn’t be a plush red ‘Saturday night at the Palladium’ job. For example, Maison de Monde have a striking velvet curtain in mustard which is very contemporary. Thrifty recyclers and upcyclers might find a crushed velvet gem at Preloved.

4. Dining chairs

Ibis velvet dining chair by Brabbu. Image credit.

Velvet in the kitchen-diner? Why not, if they’re stylish enough… This Ibis chair in purple velvet cotton by Brabbu will instantly transform your dining room into a place of extravagant indulgence. MADE have an affordable selection of velvet-upholstered dining chairs that hit the contemporary/luxury sweet spot.

5. Wallpaper

Gothic damask flock wallpaper by Graham & Brown. Image credit

Finally, if you love velvet so much that you can’t relax unless you’re simply surrounded by the stuff, how about a gorgeous, rich, stroke-able wallpaper? Graham Brown have a range of decadent flock wallpapers, including some suitably flamboyant designs by Laurence Llewelyn Bowen. Or if you fancy going retro, there are some very groovy patters at Wallpaper From the 70s.

Love a bit of velvet or are you more of a silk or parchment person? Browse all our lampshades and mix and match them with table lamps and floor lamps on our website. And here’s something to listen to while you browse…