The Art of Interior Design: Industrial

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We’ve teamed up with Artfinder – the online affordable art marketplace – to suggest some contemporary artists whose paintings and photographs would fit perfectly in different design styles. Following on from our post about minimalism, here is some ideal wall art for an industrial design scheme...

When you think about it, whoever first came up with the industrial look was a bit of a genius. With so many old factories closing down and the buildings being converted to apartments and trendy café-bars, somebody must have thought: ‘instead of pretending this isn’t an old printworks, let’s just turn the exposed brickwork and bits of copper piping into a chic new interior design trend!’ And amazingly, it really does work. Done well, industrial is gorgeous – to the extent that people are now pretending that their perfectly ordinary apartment or café-bars used to be glassblowing factories or grain stores, and are faking all the accessories. So if industrial is your thing – whether you’ve got a spacious loft apartment adorned with salvaged metal advertising boards, or just a cool kitchen full of bulky vintage appliances and blackboards – here are some Artfinder artists who might float your (ironclad, steam-powered) boat…


The Timothy - our industrial chic pendant light

1) John Brooks

indian watertower

John Brooks -- Indian Water Towers - Abstracts 6 (2015)

John Brooks is a fine art photographer based in Bristol, who manipulates images to explore ‘the extraordinary in the ordinary’. His series of photographs of concrete Indian water towers, which use multiple exposures and layering to create an abstract, three-dimensional impression, would be incredibly effective in an industrial scheme. View John Brooks’ Artfinder shop here.

2) Kerri Pratt

urban vista

Kerri Pratt -- Urban Vista

Kerri Pratt’s art also explores man-made structures, hard surfaces, angles and urban landscapes, but in acrylic paints, albeit with a strong graphic influence. Deconstructing buildings to their geometrical elements, paintings such as Urban Vista (above) would work in even the most uncompromising industrial scheme.

3) Simeon Gaitandjiev


Simeon Gaitandjiev -- The Pillars Series N2 (2013)

If you prefer something stark, bold and verging on the brutalist, then these striking black and white prints by young Bulgarian photographer Simeon Gaitandji should fit the bill. His ‘Pillars Experiment’ series – three photos of a concrete bridge from slightly different perspectives – would look particularly stunning if all three were displayed together.

4) Frank Austin

blue cranes

Frank Austin -- Blue Cranes (2014)

Swansea-based artist Frank Austin works in a variety of styles, but his striking, hyperreal oil paintings of man-made structures in Wales - such as Blue Cranes (above) or West Pier (below) would be ideal for introducing a dash of vivid colour amongst the metal pipes and bare bricks.

west pier

Frank Austin -- West Pier (2013)

Those are just four suggestions for Artfinder artists whose works would take your industrial interior design scheme to the next level– but there are many more. Have a browse through Artfinder’s Industrial Chic collection for more inspiration.

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