Meet the interior designer - Jessica Cox


Our interview with interior designer Jessica Cox...

Based in Berkshire, Jessica Cox creates gorgeous interiors for domestic clients, from luxury seaside penthouses to a converted mechanic’s garage in Mayfair. Here’s our Q&A...

How did you get started in interior design?

One of my earliest memories was being gifted an old second-hand dolls house and then spending all my spare time restoring, redecorating and arranging the furniture inside into every possible layout. I honestly think this is where it all began! I have always loved design and interiors, and alongside buying our first home (a complete renovation project), I took an interior design course where I built on the technical side of things. I then took the plunge and joined an interior design company as a design assistant, where I worked my way up to senior level and gained vast amounts of practical knowledge along the way. By this time, our second home renovation project had begun… Jessica Cox Design was then a natural progression for me and I am so lucky to have been working in my dream job ever since.

Jessica's home dining room

Photo: Jessica Cox

Photo: Jessica Cox


How would you describe your interior design style?

I like to try and mix up interior design styles, to suit the period and character of the property I am working in – whilst, of course, taking into consideration the client’s own style. My own personal taste I would describe as ‘modern bohemian’, with a lot of natural materials and textures, statement artwork, lots of greenery and always a pop of colour in some form of velvet upholstery. One of my favourite aspects of interior design is how everyone interprets taste and style differently, and how it evolves over time. My own style will continually develop and change throughout my career and I think it’s very important to be open to this and experiment with new ideas and trends that this amazing industry gives us.

Photo: Jessica Cox


Where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration for me honestly comes from everywhere. From colours in nature I see out on a dog walk, fashion, artwork, to hotels and restaurants I visit. (The photo album on my phone is absolutely ridiculous!) Instagram and Pinterest are such valuable sources of inspiration and a brilliant way to see so many different styles and designs in one place, but I also love to read as many design books and magazines as I can get my hands on. I was recently lucky enough to stay in the most beautiful hotel, Sands in Palm Springs, so now soft pink velvet and bamboo furniture pieces are already influencing the next project …

What do you most enjoy about your work?

It has to be the reactions from clients when they love a space that I have designed for them. A recent project was to design two bedrooms for young sisters at their family home and I did a lot of work in the initial stages to discover their personalities and individual design styles. I’ll never forget how happy they were when we revealed their new bedrooms to them – and seeing tears of joy from their Mum was the most amazing feeling – making all the hard work and challenges in my job completely worthwhile.

Photo: Jessica Cox

Photo: Jessica Cox


How does lighting play a part in your interiors?

As I am sure every designer will agree, lighting is a huge part of any interior scheme and I think one of the most important factors. It is essential to get the most appropriate lighting for the space – i.e. a study/office environment needs to have good, strong task lighting, whereas a bedroom needs softer, calmer lighting design. I will always layer the lighting where possible, in order to give different options of how a room can be lit for different needs and times of the day. I like to be involved in the architectural development of a space wherever possible to give ideas on lighting and positioning right from the initial stages, then through to the final stage of installation where a carefully chosen lamp can create a real statement piece in a scheme or tie the whole look together.

Which recent projects are you particularly proud of?

A recent project completed at an apartment in London has to be one of my favourites – I was involved in the refurbishment of the whole property and didn’t really have a brief from the client to follow, so I was able to put in what I felt was best for the space, whilst using my own style and experimentation. It was a warm, neutral space with statement pieces of furniture, my favourite being the rich, black velvet sofa. I really loved the outcome and felt like it was the most ‘Jessica Cox Design’ look so far!

Jessica's 'cosy corner'


Do you have a particular favourite corner or room that you feel is 'all your own'? Or do you have any tips for creating a 'cosy' space?

My ultimate cosy space at home is the living room, in front of the log burner, with a big fluffy throw, and an interiors magazine (usually with a gin and tonic in hand and the dog at my feet). It’s a smaller space, decorated in a deep navy, which really adds to the cosy feel. After living through the renovations with all the cold nights, dust and chaos, it’s so lovely to reflect and snuggle down into the home we created. It’s also a firm favourite amongst our friends and family, with many an evening spent playing a board game in front of the fire (and it just happens to be where we keep all the gin…) My top tips for creating a cosy space are; to use ambient lighting such as table or floor lamps to create a warm glow, add in your favourite scents with candles or diffusers and surround yourself with things that you love – whether it’s books, artwork, food or company. Scandinavian interior design works so well for creating ‘cosy’ spaces with lighting, texture, calming colours and textiles being vital factors in the style, so I will always try and incorporate elements of this into my own home and work to create that inviting feel.

Benchley lamp - in bedroom by Jessica Cox

Gourdon lamp - in room styled by Jessica Cox


Finally, do you have a favourite Pooky light?

I have just used the Gourdon table lamp (with a beautiful printed cotton shade) and the Jackson table lamps at one of my latest projects - both complemented the sophisticated scheme so well and I was really pleased at how they looked. I also have the Benchley lamp in my bedroom at home, which was one of the first things on my wish list for the renovated space and what set the décor for the rest of the room. I love it so much, it’s such a great size with its eye-catching pattern and shape. It’s probably one of my favourite interior pieces that I own! I love, bold, statement lighting, so for me my favourite light from the current collection is the Lottie Table Lamp. I would pair with the Forest Green Velvet Shade (unfortunately this shade is no longer in stock but please take a look at our lovely velvet shade range here)– and I would place it centre stage in a living room design. It would work wonderfully in a scheme with a rich dark sofa and some statement monochrome artwork…

Lottie table lamp


See more of Jessica’s work on her website, and follow her on Instagram.

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