How to light balconies and verandas

how to light balconies and verandas

Read our expert tips for lighting those lovely outdoor spaces…

Whether you’re entertaining friends, enjoying a romantic supper or just chilling with a glass of wine, with the right lighting you can make your balcony or veranda a beautiful, intimate and inviting space. Here's how...

What's the best kind of lighting for a balcony or veranda?

The best kind of lighting for a balcony or veranda will depend on a number of things, including its size, layout and how you plan to use it. By combining a range of light sources, such as overhead lights, wall sconces and portable lamps, you can create a space that’s both practical and atmospheric.  

There is a huge range of different styles and materials available. So when choosing lighting for your balcony or veranda you could aim for a style that complements your indoor lighting scheme, meaning that your outside space acts as an extension of your overall living space. 

Do you need outdoor lights on a balcony or veranda?

A veranda is essentially a large covered outdoor gallery or porch, which may be partly enclosed and may extend around the sides of the house, while a balcony is generally a smaller open-air platform which may or may not be covered and normally extends outdoors from an upper room. Both can be exposed to the ravages of the Great British weather.

When lighting a balcony or veranda, it’s important to consider how exposed it is to the elements. If your lighting is going to be in direct or indirect contact with adverse conditions, such as rain, snow and damp or salt air, you will need to use outdoor lights

Outdoor lighting has an IP safety rating, which describes how much resistance it offers against moisture and foreign particles. Our exterior lights are extensively tested for outdoor use. 

For more sheltered spaces which offer protection against direct contact with the elements, you can use an IP44 damp-rated fixture, but for more open styles of balcony and veranda you will need an IP65 wet-rated fixture.  

westport IP44 wall light Westport IP44 exterior wall light


Using overhead lights on a balcony or veranda

Overhead ceiling lights, such as pendants, recessed or flush-mounted lights, are a popular choice for a covered veranda or balcony. Recessed and flush-mounted lights can be a good option for smaller spaces, but note that they will cast most of the light downwards and can create shadows, while pendant lights will radiate some of the light outwards as well as downwards. 

Pendant lights will provide plenty of good ambient light while also creating a lovely focal point on your balcony or veranda. Depending on the size of the space, you can use several pendants or alternatively a single statement pendant light over a seating area or table – aim to position your light so that the bottom of the pendant sits around 36 inches above the table.

Pendant lights come in a wide range of styles, shapes and materials, from traditional brass and glass lanterns to sleek minimalist contemporary numbers.

 Portreath ip65 up and down pillar light

Using wall lights on a balcony or veranda 

Wall lights and sconces are a lovely way of lighting a balcony or veranda where overhead lights are not an option, or in combination with them. As well as providing good ambient lighting, they will cast a warm welcoming glow. 

Pooky’s outdoor wall lights are available in a huge range of different styles. Lantern style wall lights are a classic choice for a traditional look, while cylindrical pillar lights offer a modern, even futuristic twist. Slim, compact contemporary designs can also be a good option where space is at a premium. Meanwhile, for coastal areas we recommend wall lights made from a robust material, such as brass or copper. 

For a smaller outdoor space, a pair of matching wall lights will provide a lovely focal point. Meanwhile, for a larger veranda try placing a row of wall lights at even intervals along the length of the wall to emphasise the space. Aim to position your wall lights so that the top of the light sits at eye level, to avoid glare from the lightbulb. 

Wall lights are also great for creating accents and highlights on a balcony or veranda. Upligthers and downlighters will wash the light gently up and down the wall, adding warmth and texture and highlighting any interesting features, such as stonework or foliage.

Phileas rechargeable table lamp


Creating atmosphere with lamps on a balcony or veranda 

When it comes to introducing mood and atmosphere to a balcony or veranda, table lamps are a lighting essential. As well as providing practical task lighting, a set of designer table lamps will add a beautiful decorative element to the space. 

Our rechargeable designer table lamps are completely portable, making them ideal for using on a balcony or veranda, with no need to worry about awkward cables or power supplies. They’re also dimmable, so you can create just the right atmosphere, and most are compatible with our huge range of designer lampshades

What’s more, they can run for over 10 hours on a single charge, so you can relax and enjoy your evening al fresco without worrying about the lights going out!     

Finally, for some extra atmosphere why not try adding in a set of lanterns. Our storm lanterns are available with a range of different bases, including antique brass, marble and natural whitewash, and will look equally beautiful sitting on a side table or placed along the length of your balcony or veranda.

Gusto storm lantern


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