How to improve the lighting in a room without adding extra cables or disrupting your decor

Looking to improve your lighting, but don’t fancy rewiring or redecorating? Follow our six expert tips to help optimise your lighting, without the hassle factor... 

The right lighting can transform a space, but all too often lighting is seen as more of a final stage rather than an integral part of a design scheme, and this can result in darker, underlit areas or poor overall illumination within a room. 

The good news is, there are plenty of ways of brightening up your space, without the need to chase extra cables or disturb your decor. 

1. Upgrade your main light fitting

If your room is lacking in overall illumination, start by looking at the main source of light. This is most often an overhead light, such as a pendant light.

If you have a single pendant light fitting, you can instantly increase the amount of overall ambient light by switching to a multiple pendant light fitting, such as the stylish and adaptable Heath ceiling light (top) which fits three separate shades of your choice, or the striking Bow Tie chandelier (below) with its distinctive adjustable hoods. 

A striking new designer light fitting will also transform the way your space looks and feels, drawing the eye and creating a beautiful focal point. This is a great way of adding some extra wow factor to your lighting scheme, without requiring any extra cables.

Just remember to make sure the ceiling fixture on your new light fitting is the same size or bigger than the existing one, so you can leave your decor in peace! 

bow tie 6 arm chandelier
Bow Tie 6-arm chandelier in black



2. Change up your lightbulbs 

Another simple and effective way to improve the lighting in a room is to choose brighter lightbulbs (always bearing in mind the maximum limits of your light fitting). Today’s energy-efficient LED bulbs are measured in lumens, which indicates the brightness of the bulb. Exactly how many lumens you need in a room will depend on a number of things, including the size and layout of the space, what you’re using it for, and the kind of atmosphere you want to create. 

However, as a general rule of thumb a sitting room will need a total of around 10-20 lumens of ambient light per square foot, while a bathroom or kitchen requires around 70-80 lumens per square foot. Meanwhile, for practical task lighting (eg a reading lamp) you should aim for around 450 lumens.

Find out more in our guide: How to choose a lightbulb.


3. Consider the colour temperature of your lighting

As well as thinking about lumens, it’s also important to consider the ‘colour temperature’ of your lightbulbs. This refers to how ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ the light appears to us. Colour temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin (K), with 'cooler' bluish-white light featuring higher up the scale, and 'warmer' yellow-white light at the lower end. 

Colour temperature can have a significant impact on how a room feels. Cool light is brighter and more stimulating, and can be great in a practical space such as a basement or a kitchen, but for a space such as a living room or bedroom it’s important to have some calmer, more relaxing lighting options. In a living room, you should aim for a colour temperature of around 2700-3000K.

Marco rechargeable cordless table lamp


4. Add in some cordless table lamps

Table lamps are a great way of introducing extra light into a room, as well as contributing to the overall ambience, and they also add a lovely decorative element.   

If you’re looking to boost the lighting in your room with minimal disruption, our new cordless rechargeable table lamps are ideal, as there’s no need to worry about extra cables or the exact location of the nearest plug socket! Beautiful, affordable and eminently portable, these revolutionary little lighting gems mean that you can add some extra illumination exactly where you want it, whether you’re working, relaxing or entertaining.

Try placing a set of matching cordless table lamps on shelves or in alcoves, on a mantelpiece, or in the corners of the room to help eradicate any darker areas and create an additional layer of warm, welcoming low-level light. Meanwhile, if you’re in need of some extra practical task lighting, place a stylish table lamp on a desk to create a dedicated study zone, or next to a favourite chair for a cosy reading nook.   

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5. Choose the right lampshades 

Another easy way to improve your lighting without needing to enlist a builder is by changing your lampshades. 

Lampshades are available in a wide range of different materials, which can significantly affect the way the light diffuses, and fitting a set of new designer lampshades will instantly transform the way your space looks and feels.

To increase the level of illumination in your room, a blown glass pendant will transmit the light very efficiently. Meanwhile if you're looking to create warmth and atmosphere, a semi-translucent material such as a silk lampshade or a linen lampshade will create a lovely diffused light, while an opaque material such as velvet is ideal for decorative and accent lighting. 

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6. Use mirrors to amplify your lighting 

Mirrors are another super effective, non-invasive way of maximising the light in a room. A well-placed mirror or set of mirrors will help to reflect the light around the room, making it feel airy and spacious. 

You can use mirrors to amplify all of the main sources of light in your room. A mirror placed opposite a window or patio door will act as an extra window, reflecting the natural light around the room. Or try hanging a large mirror above the fireplace to reflect the light from the main pendant, effectively doubling the available light (this effect is particularly beautiful when used with a chandelier). 

Meanwhile, placing a mirror behind floor lamps and table lamps will make the most of the available light, while also adding a sense of depth and drama. 

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Larger bevvers rectangular mirror with studded mahogany beading

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