How to clean ceramic pendant lights

Want to keep your ceramic pendant lights looking vibrant and fabulous all year round? Just follow our expert guide...

Ceramic pendant lights are perfect for bringing richness and texture to a room. However, over time dust and dirt can build up, and this can leave your lights looking dull and working less efficiently. If your ceramic pendant lights are looking a bit lacklustre, it's time to take action!


How often should you clean ceramic pendant lights?

To keep ceramic pendant lights looking their beautiful best, you should give them a little regular TLC. A light maintenance clean every 1-2 weeks will help to keep general dust and dirt at bay, while a deeper clean at least once a year will remove more ingrained dirt and grime.


Cleaning your ceramic pendant lights safely

Before you grab that feather duster, make sure you follow these simple but essential safety steps:

  • Turn off the electricity supply
  • Allow the light fitting and bulb to fully cool down
  • Ensure that your stepladder or chair is on a flat, stable surface
  • If using a spray or damp cloth, always steer clear of any electrical connections


Giving your ceramic pendant lights a maintenance clean

Giving your ceramic pendant lights a quick once-over every week or two won't take long, but will help you keep on top of dust and dirt and will lengthen the time between deeper cleans.

For a light maintenance clean, you can normally keep your lights in place. Begin by gently wiping the ceramic shade with a feather duster or a soft, dry lint-free cloth, to remove any surface dust.

If your ceramic pendant light has any greasy or stubborn spots, we recommend using a cloth that's been lightly dampened with a solution of mild soap and warm water. (Note that for metal, antiqued or painted light fittings you should stick to using a dry cloth. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.)

Next, wipe over the frames and fixings, followed by the cables.

Finally, don't forget to clean the bulb by giving it a good wipe, taking care to avoid the metal base. Dusty bulbs can really spoil the look of your light fittings, and can have a big impact on their efficiency too.


What can you use to deep clean ceramic pendant lights?

When it comes to deep cleaning ceramic pendant lights, we advise against using any abrasive cleaning chemicals, as these can damage your light fittings. A solution of warm soapy water and some other basic items should be all you need to get your ceramic pendant light looking new and full of life!

It's worth getting your kit together before you start. To deep clean your ceramic pendant lights, you will need:

  • soft lint-free cloths
  • a bowl or sink of warm water
  • mild liquid detergent
  • a screwdriver or pliers (to undo any fixings)
  • cold water for rinsing
  • some clean, dry towels


Deep cleaning your ceramic pendant lights

We recommend giving your ceramic pendant lights a thorough clean at least once a year - or more often if they're situated in a place of high use, such as a kitchen or hallway.

To give your ceramic pendant lights a deep clean, you will need to remove the shade from the ceiling:

  • Place a towel or sheet underneath your pendant - this will help protect both the floor and your pendant if anything falls or gets dropped
  • Prepare a flat, stable surface - a table lined with a clean, dry towel works well
  • Gently remove the bulb and set it aside
  • Support the shade and carefully remove it from the fixings
  • Place the shade in a bowl of warm soapy water and leave it to soak for a few minutes
  • Using a soft lint-free cloth, wipe over the surfaces of the shade using firm but gentle circular movements and taking care to clean inside any grooves or nooks and crannies
  • Rinse the shade with cold water to remove any residues
  • Dry gently with a clean towel and set aside
  • Now wipe over the frame, fixings and cables using a fresh lint-free cloth. As above, for stubborn spots you can use a lightly dampened cloth, but avoid using on delicate finishes or near electrical fittings
  • Give the bulb a thorough wipe, avoiding the base
  • Once everything is fully dry, it's time to put it all back together and enjoy your vibrant ceramic pendant light!


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