Pooky have teamed up with The Hands Up Foundation to raise much needed funds to support schools and hospitals in civil war-torn Syria and the surrounding camps, home to so many displaced refugees.

It is easy to forget the plight of others whilst Covid spreads its claws across our nation, but from a total population of 16 million, 6 million Syrians are refugees and a further 6.6 million are displaced – pretty much 75%.  It is the worst humanitarian disaster of our times and the suffering and destruction is on an unimaginable scale.  A horrific proportion of those caught in the conflict are children.

The Hands Up Foundation was set up by four friends who had got to know Syria well before the conflict.

As they say: The idea behind everything Hands Up does is simple and positive; gather people together, remind them of Syria’s rich culture and do something good.

Pooky has designed a range of stunning shades based on the extraordinarily colourful geometric tile designs that graced the walls of mosques and hammams in medieval times in Damascus and other cities… We are thrilled how they have come out – They look fabulous!

We’ll give 30% of proceeds from each shade sold to Hands Up Foundation. Importantly this is our donation, not that of our customers – we have not upped the price and made you pay – the price of these shades remains the same great value. But buying one of these beautiful shades brings a happy benefit.

Forgive the cliché… but it really is a win win.

No amount of money will solve the problem in Syria, but the brilliant team at The Hands Up Foundation channel the money directly to where it needs to go, and make, in a small way, a huge difference.  Thank you. If you are moved to find out more or even to donate yourself, please visit: https://handsupfoundation.org/