The power of design! Jamie’s Farm gets a miracle makeover

The interior design community came together recently to revamp a location for young person’s charity Jamie’s Farm – and Pooky were delighted to make a contribution. Here’s the story...

Jamie’s Farm is a fantastic charity founded by ex-teacher Jamie Feilden to work with young people at risk of social and academic exclusion. As well as in-school support, the children and their teachers can visit the charity’s three farm locations and live onsite for five days at a time, learning to work the farm while also benefiting from therapeutic one-to-one support and in group discussions built around positive praise. This year Jamie’s Farm opened it’s fourth location in Lewes, at the foot of the South Downs National Park. However, the farmhouse property was in serious need of a design makeover. Enter Sussex interiors brand Rockett St George, who offered their services and publicised the project, which in turn attracted the attention of designer Kate McPhee. Kate then enlisted her friend the TV presenter and interiors expert Sophie Robinson, and together they called in help from brands, designers, stylists and trade professionals to provide free products and expertise. Over 20 design professionals and creatives worked over one weekend to transform the property’s seven bedrooms, three bathrooms and dining rooms. At Pooky we were delighted to contribute Cynthia table lamps in red, Sunshine card lampshades and Turkish blue dervish lampshades, as well as a variety of velvet mirrors. And we’d like to congratulate Kate, Sophie and everyone who was involved in the project - as you can see the results are just stunning!
Photo: Tom Scott

Pooky founder Rohan Blacker said: "We were more than happy to contribute some Pooky lighting to this wonderful project - it's great to see the interiors community coming together like this for a worthwile cause. Congrats to all involved for their hard work - the results are amazing." You can read an in-depth blog post about the ‘big reveal’ on Sophie Robinson’s website here, and read more about the work of Jamie’s Farm here.

All photos above by Anna Yanovski.