Table lamps with a difference

At Pooky we’ve long had an eye for an unusual table lamp (see these eight for example). And if you too like to introduce the occasional bit of quirkiness into your home then here are some new – and rather different – table lamps from our collection...

Many lamp-lovers come to Pooky looking for something slightly different to the standard High Street or department store lighting fare, and we don’t like to disappoint. Indeed, we think table lamps are quite the best way to introduce some character into a room – and that the design of a lamp itself is as important as the light it emits. So if you’re looking for something that will be a bit of a statement, a conversation piece... something to capture in table lamp form your personality – wherever you might sit on the scale from mild eccentricity to out-and-out quirkiness – then try these seven pieces for inspiration...

Artur - for an art nouveau artichoke explosion


Larger Artur in turquoise crackle glaze - shop here

Perfect on a kitchen side table, or anywhere really where you can make sure everyone gets to see it, this art nouveau-ish lamp is a quite ingeniously crafted ceramic artichoke. It comes in two sizes and two colours (the other being stone), any combination of which will make a sensational impression. But arguably the most sensational Artur is the larger version (a substantial 38cm high) in a turquoise crackle glaze.

Aladdin – for a bit of ancient mystique


Aladdin table lamp - shop here

The main challenge with the Aladdin is to resist the urge to rub it every time you pass, in futile hopes of genies and wishes and whatnot. We feel it could have been stolen from an ancient oriental treasure hoard. Or perhaps even lifted from the ruins of a Roman Temple, except then it would be earthenware and a bit dirty and certainly not this beautiful antique brass, decorated with abstract lines of patterning in concentric circles. Not unduly showy, but quite unique.

Cosmo – for a futurist take on blown glass


Cosmo table lamp - Unfortunately the Cosmo table lamp is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of table lamps here

Switching genres, some see a little bit of 1950s sci-fi futurism in this blown glass cylinder. Others just see gorgeous, warm, liquid, reddish orange hues and love Cosmo as a very unusual bedside lamp.

Apache - For something elegantly different


Apache table lamp - Unfortunately the Apache table lamp is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of table lamps here

A similar shape to the Cosmo but smaller (30cm high to the Cosmo’s 38cm) this is another piece of beautiful blown glass. It comes from the furnaces near Agra, where the glassmakers create stunning patterns of amber marble. We’ve finished it with antique brass work for a very elegant table lamp.

Lima – for unexpected grandeur


Lima table lamp - shop here

If you like a table lamp that’s rather different, but in a dignified, low key manner, then the Lima might be for you.


It’s a tall, 56cm column in waxed wood – very classy – but those with a keen eye will enjoy the rather unexpectedly grand design detail of the base, which combines wooden curves and angles with antiqued brass squares.

Ujjala – a cascade of glass


Ujjala table lamp - Unfortunately the Ujjala table lamp is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of table lamps here

Like a sort of table lamp waterfall in glass, this is a really striking 45cm column made from alternating cobalt blue and clear glass discs. Ujjala dazzles in daylight, and when you switch it on at night the light comes cascading down. A definite conversation piece.

Verdura – different in the best possible way


Verdura table lamp - shop here

Well we think this is just an exquisitely beautiful glass table lamp. Green and yellow and lemony and unlike anything else out there, really. The Verdura is unusual in all the best ways - just like you. We love it.

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