Six floor lamp styles to make a design statement

Floor lamps are a great opportunity to make a design statement in your home. Here’s some Pooky inspiration...

Floor lamps are the interior designer’s secret weapon. They can bring height and elegance into a space, they provide both ambient and task lighting, and they’re very flexible (you can easily move them around or swap the shade when you fancy a room change). But they’re also the biggest thing in the room that counts as a ‘fixture’ - and as such, they’re a great opportunity to make a design statement. Here are six Pooky floor lamps that really say something...

The tall, elegant one: Trafalgar in antique brass

This was a mistake that worked - we picked an offcut of brass from the workshop floor, and lamp-ified it. A few tweaks later, we have one of the most elegant stylish lights around. The Trafalgar works anywhere, but is perfect for adding height to a small room.


The oversize anglepoise: Farrell

If you’re a fan of the oversize anglepoise style of floor lamp, which you can turn and twist and point in any direction, the Farrell is made to the highest specification. Made from it is remarkably heavy, sturdy, and built to last forever. (See also Rudy and Astaire.) - Unfortunately the Farrell is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of floor lamps here

The exotic column: Solomon

A ‘solomonic’ column, also known as a barley sugar column, is a twisted, helical column - and this is one of them. Carved from wood and finished in antiqued gold, the Soloman looks magnificent when topped out with a bold lampshade. - Unfortunately the Soloman is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of floor lamps here

The modernist look: Bow Tie

For fans of the mid-century style, the Bow Tie is a modernist classic but with a Pooky twist. Observe the achingly cool flat base and the angle of the bend in the shaft....It’s all in the details.
Bow tie floor lamp in black
Bow tie floor lamp in black

The distressed wooden one: Roxanne

For lovers of the artisanal, the handcrafted, the artfully distressed, the Roxanne comes from an wonderful workshop just outside Delhi in an inspiring workshop. Ornate and decorative without being showy. - Unfortunately the Roxanne is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of floor lamps here

The flexible friend: Slider

If you like your floor lamps to be practical as well as gorgeous, the Slider in brass might be just the thing, because it, yes, slides. Change its height to suit your needs - by nearly half a metre. Classic, simple, elegant and functional.
Slider floor lamp

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