Pooky's five steps to sustainable lighting


Here’s how Pooky is working to make our lighting as planet-friendly as possible….

These days we’re all becoming very conscious about the impact we make on the environment. At Pooky it’s something we’re thinking about more and more – and though we don’t claim to be perfect, we’re trying our best to put sustainability at the heart of our business. Here are a few of the ways we’re working towards a more planet-friendly approach to lighting...

1) Sustainable materials

We’ve recently started working with some fantastic, sustainable materials, including raffia and jute - which turn out to be not just eco-friendly but perfect for making extremely lovely lampshades. Raffia is actually known as the ‘green fibre’, and it’s naturally fast-growing, biodegradable and sustainable. Jute is similarly sustainable and high-yielding, with a low carbon footprint. As well as being extremely durable, raffia and jute are also very versatile - making them ideal materials for weaving into an array of lovely shades and sconces. (Find out more in our blog posts about eco-friendly qualities of raffia and jute.)

Rafferty raffia pendant - unfortunately this pendant is no longer available, but please take a look at our extensive range of pendant lights here.

Meanwhile, our parchment shades are sustainably sourced and eco-friendly, as are our hand marbled paper lampshades, which made using handcrafting techniques that date back hundreds of years: no two pieces are ever the same.

Hand marbled paper shade in yellow acido


2) Eco-friendly packaging

We’re also making sure that our packaging is as eco-friendly as possible. Badly-designed packaging can have a range of adverse impacts on the environment, including water pollution, soil degradation and the reduction of natural resources, as well as generally clogging up landfill. At Pooky we’ve made huge progress on packaging. We still need to use polystyrene for a few very delicate lights, but otherwise all of our packaging is recyclable and compostable.


3) Energy efficient LED lightbulbs

Today’s modern LED bulbs are better for the environment in lots of ways. They are much more energy efficient than traditional incandescent light bulbs, produce far less waste heat, and are also longer lasting - a modern LED bulb is up to 90% more efficient, and can last up to 25 years. Our LED lightbulbs come in a range of different shapes, sizes and styles, from stunning filament bulbs to pearl bulbs and clear candle bulbs. View our range of energy efficient lightbulbs. You can find out more about choosing the perfect lightbulb for your designer lamp here.


4) Being smart about lighting design

Another thing we like to encourage is good, efficient lighting design. Unless they state otherwise, all of our light fittings will work within a dimmable circuit (just remember to choose a dimmable bulb) This means you can adapt your lighting scheme to create exactly the right amount of illumination you need at any one time, from targeted task lighting during the day, to dialing down the lumens in the evening, when it’s time to relax and unwind. NB - We would always advise asking a qualified electrician to confirm what you can or cannot use on your own circuit but we can confirm that our fittings support dimming and our LED bulbs are dimmable, so long as they are used on the appropriate system. Customers in the past have confirmed that the Varilight V-Pro range has worked for them. You can find out how much light you need in a room in our expert guide here. And you can find out how to achieve the right balance of lighting in our guide to layering light.

5) Lights made to last

Finally - and perhaps most importantly - at Pooky we place an emphasis on quality, well-made items and longevity. Our designer lighting is built to last and to give you enjoyment for years and years to come.


At Pooky, we create beautiful, affordable lighting for beautiful interiors. View our full range of table lamps, pendants, floor lamps and more.

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