Matthew Williamson x Pooky

Bring some ‘rustic decadence’ into your home with Matthew Williamson’s sublime new collection of lampshade designs, created exclusively for Pooky…

Few people have become masters in two creative fields, but Matthew Williamson has done it in three. He was already a legend in the fashion world, having shot to fame in the 1990s with classic collections like ‘Electric Angels’, and in 2007 he had his own major retrospective at the Design Museum. But in recent years Matthew has applied his singular vision to both product design and interior design, developing an aesthetic he calls ‘rustic decadence’. (See also: 'Meet the interior designer' - our exclusive Q&A with Matthew Williamson)

Now Pooky are thrilled to present an exclusive collection of Matthew’s designs in the form of gorgeous, hand-printed, fine cotton lampshades… And what better or easier way could there be to bring some rustic decadence into your home than by changing up your shades? For the collection Matthew has created four designs – Floral Paisley, Leopard Love, Ikat and Palsm – and there are a total of 11 colourways, ranging from muted and subtle to seriously vibrant colour statement. We think they’re sensational - and starting at just £33, they’re a ludicrously affordable way to introduce some top-end designer decor into your life. Step this way...

"Working on this with Pooky has been such a fun project. Picking shapes, designing the fabrics and then imagining how they’ll be used in homes all over the world. Great lighting is a pillar of any beautiful interior. Like accessories to an outfit, it totally transforms a space. All of my rooms at home are filled with interesting lights, and I use them to create little pockets of warmth and colour.”

Matthew Williamson

Pink Paisley
Green Paisley

Jade Leopard Love
Red & Blue Leopard Love

Black & White Palm
Grey & Pink Palm

Pink Ikat
Teal Ikat

“I’ve taken all my learnings from fashion over the years and now apply a similar philosophy to interior design… I call my style “rustic decadence.” It’s a good phrase which I find helps explain my work in a nutshell. It also provides me with a mental reference point when working to make sure I keep true to my DNA.”

Matthew Williamson

"My work is more often than not influenced by nature and artistic and creative influences from the countries I’ve visited. Right now I’m inspired by Spain quite a lot as I have a house in the mountains of Deia, a small costal village on the island of Mallorca. I take inspiration from history too and my most favourite decade to reference is the 1970s."

Matthew Williamson

"Lighting is a crucial part of any interior design concept. It’s one of the first jobs I look at when designing rooms and I always ensure there’s enough lighting opportunities to create different zones and atmospheres in a space."

Matthew Williamson

"I’ve got a few Pooky lights dotted around my home and have used them in recent projects as they are great prices and you can find really great styles. I have the Moroccan inspired glass and metal Stella star light in my daughter’s bedroom."

Matthew Williamson

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