Interior inspiration: Six clever little ways to style your home for Christmas

Finding the perfect home décor balance of festive, fun and stylish isn’t easy – but there are ways! Here are six ideas to make your interiors suitably Christmassy, and in the best possible way...

Let’s face it: for those of us who love interior styling, Christmas is a bit of a minefield. Do you go for elegant simplicity and risk, well, not being festive enough? Or do you bite the bullet and turn your house into a wildly over-the-top tinseltastic glitterfest for a few weeks, before returning to blissful normality in January? Or do you go for a theme, one that complements your room’s existing style? Perhaps adding traditional reds and golds to a vintage scheme; or Scandi whites, or metallic silvers and golds; or natural foliage and berries... All great fun - but then how do you get all your old family favourite decorations – the ones that simply must go up or it won’t be Christmas – to fit in with your scheme? So finding that happy place where your house is just Christmassy enough isn’t easy. But one way to do it is to introduce little elements that are lovely in themselves, are suitably festive and will work in any kind of interior scheme. Here are six ideas we’ve spotted this year that might do the trick for you...

1) Festive flowers


Red roses, rosehip and pistache arrangement from Freddie's Flowers

Dramatic, eye-catching flower arrangements are a brilliant way to temporarily transform your rooms with colour and scent. Our friends at Freddie’s Flowers deliver a big weekly box of unusual, expertly-selected, top quality flowers direct to your home, for £20 a go. Over the next few weeks they’ll have some splendid festive arrangements which you could display on your mantelpiece or dinner table.


Waxflower, white lisianthus, alstromeria and Latvian pine arrangement from Freddie's Flowers

Perfect, natural Christmas decorations – and you won’t even have to pack them away in the attic afterwards.

2) Unusual wreaths


Peacock feather wreath by Gisela Graham - via Pines and Needles

This year we’ve noticed an explosion in the variety of wreaths available, from gorgeous (and rather pricey) naturalistic ones, to kooky vintage peacock-feather ones, to faux-antlers for that hunting lodge feel. So whatever your Christmas style – whether very traditional or very quirky – you can find a wreath or two or three to match it.

Touch of Frost Christmas wreath by Pippa Designs

Touch of Frost Christmas wreath by Pippa Designs No need to just have the one on your front door – deck your house out in the things!

3) Scandi-style paper decorations


If you’re into your Scandi-style cosy elegance and a bit of hygge (and who isn’t this year?), then how about some white paper decorations? Perhaps snowflakes for the tree, or stars scattered around the room in clusters of three or five. There’s a wealth of inspiration on this Pinterest board. And if you’re very craft-y, you could have a bash at making your own origami ones for a Japanese-Scandi fusion.

4) Gilver things

Gilver holly stems via Angel&Boho

Gilver holly stems via Angel&Boho

Gilver – a metallic hue that looks gold or silver depending on the light – has been around in the wallpaper and textile worlds for a little while, and is now very much on-trend for all sorts of decorations and baubles. It could work in a few schemes: a traditional reds, greens and golds look, or with subtle whites and pale metals. And a decoration that looks silvery by day can glow with a lovely deep gold in your evening lamplight...

5) Unexpected animals

Fox Christmas tree decoration by Kayleigh Radcliffe

Fox Christmas tree decoration by Kayleigh Radcliffe

Which are the Christmassy animals? It used to be robins, reindeer and, in the right context, camels. But we’ve noticed that people are now using all sorts of unexpected and funny animal models for Christmas decorations, ranging from the Victorian taxidermy feel of the above fox to this rather charming Christmas seagull.


Seagull by Luna & Curious And why not? Spotting these things around your house would also keep the kids occupied while you sleep off your lunch.

6) Glorious pendant lights


Pooky's larger Stella pendant in clear glass - shop here

Well we couldn’t not mention lights, could we? How about our Stella pendant for a show-stealing dining room centrepiece, or an entrance hall statement lamp? Of course, it’s important to remember that a Pooky pendant light is for life, not just for Christmas. Unlike your tree, it’ll still look splendid in January...


Pooky's Percy pendant light and Drax desk light styled for Christmas.

Find more interiors inspiration on our blog, and shop our full range of magical lights and shades here.