Creating the mood: Meet Nicola Elliott of Neom Organics

Our exclusive Q&A with Nicola Elliott, founder of Neom Organics, makers of lovely, mood-creating, wellbeing-enhancing aromatherapy products...

At Pooky we’re big believers in creating mood and atmosphere in the home. Making a room calm, cosy and welcoming is just good for the soul. Lighting is of course a great way to create mood - and so is scent. We caught up with Nicola Elliott, founder of the brilliant wellbeing brand Neom Organics, which uses 100% natural fragrances to help to aid sleep, relieve stress, boost your energy or lift your mood. You can win a gorgeous Neom Organics candle and diffuser set in our competition - and here’s our Q&A with Nicola...

How and why did you come to start Neom Organics?

I started suffering with anxiety - pressures of normal working life I’m afraid - and I found that blending essential oils really helped me, after about 200 attempts I created a blend that could really help install calm (we still sell it, it’s called Real Luxury) and then one to help my sister sleep (Tranquillity). They worked so well I thought I could help others by selling them!

Image: Neom Organics

How do you see Neom Organics’ mission?

To inspire people to lead naturally healthy lives and to boost their well-being through our 100% natural fragrances.

Where does the inspiration for your products come from?

Real people and real moments in their lives. Pretty much all our blends have been created for a person I know and a problem they had. Our Energy Boost collection was blended for my husband, a PE teacher who I felt I could really help energise after he came home after a full day of sport!

At Pooky we see lighting as being vital for creating atmosphere and mood in the home. Is that something you also see as important when coming up with products?

I agree. Scenting the home is also important but for me, choosing a real treatment blend takes it to the next level. For example on an evening I like to scent the living room with something that helps us all calm and relax. In bedrooms I like something to help us sleep...

Do you have a particular favourite ‘cosy corner’ or room in your own home that you feel is 'all your own' - like a calm retreat from the world?

I have just done my lounge up and I have a beautiful Pooky lamp next to a Neom Organics Real Luxury candle on a well stacked bookshelf. Could there be anything better??!

What’s next for Neom Organics?

So many new products for 2019 - I’m so excited about what we are able to develop now in the 100% natural fragrance space. And in February we launch our beautiful treatment rooms in Guilford too - Neom Organics treatments are insane! Book yourselves in!


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