Affordable designer chandeliers - a buyer’s guide for the discerning glamour-seeker

Bring some wham-bam glamour into your interiors with Pooky’s new range of unusual, beautiful and surprisingly affordable designer chandeliers

Some spaces call for a modest trio of pendant lights, quietly doing their thing. Other spaces work best with a lantern pouring lovely golden light over a cosy corner. But sometimes, only an eye-popping, attention-seeking, crystal-dripping chandelier will do the trick. After all, how else can you get a whacking great piece of bling glassware into your home except by hanging it from the ceiling? Chandeliers are the statement piece par excellence. No other fitting or furnishing is so guaranteed to inspire in your guests a sense of wonder and deep, deep envy. And then there’s the endless daily pleasure of gazing happily at your own bold extravagance. We’ve introduced four absurdly glamorous and very different chandeliers into our pendant light range. They won't break the bank either – but you don’t have to reveal that to your envious guests. Here they are…

Romeo – gorgeous glitter ball

Beads and crystals, all tied and twisted together like a vast and spectacular necklace. The Romeo ball glitters without shouting, and adds panache and style. Our hero has a height of 50cm, a wingspan of 44cm and takes three bulbs. Funnily enough, despite all the glitziness we are particularly proud of the solid brass finial (details darling, details).

More details about Romeo here.

Juliet – elegant bistro chic

This is the classic French teardrop shaped beaded chandelier – a bit of ‘bistro chic’, with a touch of bling. Juliet takes three bulbs, is 42cm across at her widest point and is a languid 50cm in height. A striking tapered glass ball, she needs the right space – but with it, she’s stunning.

More details here.

Rita – sparkling in any setting

With a long, slender shape (52cm height and 26cm waistline), the Rita is one of those charming chandeliers that can hang almost anywhere, and doesn't require the grand space of some of the others. Bedrooms, hallways, hallways, loos… Rita can light them all up. Effortlessly elegant, and the light just trips off the myriad clear blown glass droplets.

Maximum glamour bang for your buck too – Rita’s a snip at £240. More here.

Two Ritas uncanny in their resemblance: our chandelier (left) and the legendary Hollywood star Hayworth (right). Or is the other way about? Impossible to tell with the naked eye.

Starsky – stylish 70s throwback

Like its namesake, this is an absurdly cool and stylish 70's throwback, made from recycled pressed glass strips. Starsky is a beefy 61cm in wingspan, 53cm in height and throws great light with four bulbs. It’s stylish, beautiful and indisputably groovy.

The frosted and bubbled glass hangs are all individually cast in moulds (which means they’re sometimes different weights and need to be balanced when hanging). See more about the Starsky here.

Starsky and Starsky (Hutch not pictured) Browse all of our pendant lights, including chandeliers, lanterns and many more here.